Addictions, Place and Time

Addictions, Place and Time

The 2014 Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to the discovery of neuronal structures that make it possible for individuals to determine their position in space. We are studying how this discovery can affect our understanding of the human psychology. This neuronal GPS shapes one’s spatial memory and produce an inner geography. Without this geography there can be no psychic coherence. There is no similar positioning system for time. Neuronal time is structures by day and night, by social fact and mainly by our watch. The unconscious belongs to the body, not to the psyche. One can stand thanks to points of reference in space and mirror learning processes. The innate has a limited share in human behaviour.

Paying attention to the biology of space and time makes it possible to distinguish what is conditioned (knowledge) from what is not, such as intelligence (perception skills). Being aware of the present moment makes it possible to shift from the subjective (being aware of) to the objective (absolute conscience). Addictions spring when mapping skills are impaired and from the relativity of psychic times. Conditioning is a gradual and forceful process. Therapy must act accordingly.


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